In my body of work the story telling part has always played a big role. That is what connects us as human beings. It is not much different for brands. The brand story, finding the beating human heart and how it is told is what will attract us or not.

You will find in me a hands-on Creative Director —playing captain if you want— , multifaceted, entrepreneurial and passionate with both extensive agency and in-house experience on a global playing field. I have a great interest in combining transactional commerce with the deeper story behind a brand so that we can hopefully fast track consumers from interest into action. I take a clean and minimalist approach and always do this through the 360 experience lens.

I am a cheerleader, team builder and teacher. Internally and externally and not only on a professional level but also when it comes to personal relationships. I will leave no man or woman behind and am teachable myself every day. I have managed large teams (+30) and love to see my people grow and give me a run for my money. 

In presentations my goal is always to build the case in order to get the client to YES! With solid argumentations and respect. It is not my name on the door or on the product.