Daisy Lowe
 By pulling off the gaffer tape scent strip you are literally activating the promise of the new fragrance.
 Josh Beech
 Gaffer tape is a big part of the LOUD brand statement.   It is part of the packaging, carries the brand name, is used as scent strip in print ads and plays a big part in the TV commercial/videoclip.  Other important elements that were the inspiration for the bottle design -vintage vinyl records- and the color pink and black.
 Online radiostation embedded in te Tommy Hilfiger corporate website.
 T-shirt packaging inspired by gaffer tape packaging as found in hardware stores.
 All the above elements were used in the design for in-store and the launch event in Berlin. Several celebrities, including Tommy Hilfiger himself, were present to celebrate the launch. Several music acts gave act de presence with the Tings Tings being the most important as brand endorsers. This concert was part of the Hilfiger Denim Live series of concerts held through out Europe.
Bread & Butter Berlin
 Lounge inside the shipping containers.
 An example of teaser wild posting a couple of days prior to the launch of the campaign. Pieces of branded gaffer tape got taped on existing outdoor posters.
LOUD_all_creatives_6may_15 copy.jpg
 And if you want to get LOUD, you gotta go big and with a bang!
LOUD_WedMarch31 (dragged) 5.jpg
LOUD_WedMarch31 (dragged) 4.jpg
 Banner advertising on music related websites.
LOUD_WedMarch31 (dragged) 1.jpg
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